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The Selfie Magic 

The modern day alternative to ‘Disposable Cameras on Tables’!

The Selfie Magic produces an amazing photo album containing all those photos that would otherwise have been destroyed, lost, forgotten….

Whilst there is an exciting slideshow display, guests are encouraged to upload photos they have taken on their mobiles during the day. As they laugh when their photo appears on the slideshow for all to see, this is stored on a USB for you to keep forever.

The Selfie Magic works with any Smart Phone and a wide range of mobile devices. No apps or special software to download simple,intuitive and easy to use instant prints (optional)

Your guests will be able to connect to the Selfie Magic with their smart phone. Take a selfie, or upload any photo from their camera roll. This can then be uploaded to our Selfie Magic, and will then be displayed on a 40 inch TV slideshow for everyone to see.

Easy to follow instructions on how to connect to the Selfie Magic will be placed on every table.