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Welcome to Unique Ideas – home of the infamous Cyclone™, as seen on Dragon’s Den,
Graham Norton and A Question of Sport

The Cyclone go is the only one in the UK. Making it unique

The Cyclone Go game

Just catch the coloured balls or paper, and place them in the tube…how hard can it be? Oh, and they are flying around, and you are racing against the clock, and avoid the negative colours so that you don’t lose points! your score will be put on the leader board.The highest score at the end of the hire will be announced with a chance of winning a prize.

Be warned, this game is addictive!

Rules of the Game:

You have 30 secounds to collect as many balls as you can.

Each ball as a Value: Red 10, Green 7, Blue 5, Yellow 3, orange minus 5. STAY AWAY FROM ORANGE BALLS!!

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