Selfie Wizard Terms and Service

Terms of Service

Booth Fantasia and R & L Digital Media does not claim any ownership of the images uploaded via this system.

by using this service you agree to grant Booth Fantasia or R & L Digital Media and the owners or hirer of this equipment a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide licence to use the images uploaded. Your images may be published on our website and may be uploaded to social and media sharing websites such as but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Images may be further used by us to assist with the advertising and promotion of Selfie Wizard. This may include printed matter as well as online images. All images must be of a nature and form suitable for print.

Images uploaded via this system may be available to other guests at the event to view and print and available to distribute digitally through various means including email, SMS and direct upload to social and media sharing websites.

Digital and printed copies of the images uploaded via this system will be passed onto the hirer of this equipment